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* Life Is Your Adventure

How do we get out of the mental boxes we so often put ourselves in?

We all have ambitions and dreams of what we want to do or how we want our lives to be; but often we don’t take action because we’re too focused on what might go wrong.  Or else we’re afraid we’ll succeed – and where will that take us?  Yet almost always, it’s not what we did and failed to achieve that disappoints us, but what we dreamed of doing and failed to attempt that crushes our spirit.

Why do we imprison ourselves like this?  Why do we build barriers to stop ourselves and deny the creativity, energy and intelligence we all possess?  Life is short.  A moment in time never comes again.  Why push away dreams that inspire us and accept so much less than we could be living?  How can we nurture the spirit of adventure within ourselves?  What are the tools to help us think bigger and act bolder?  Who will encourage and support us when we want to break out?

When I say “adventure” I do not mean abandoning “normal” life for the exotic.  Not all of us want to paddle up the Amazon, or can climb Everest, or have the money to go into space.  We may appropriately choose to care for an elderly parent, to raise children or to launch a valuable product in a new business.  True adventure is found within ourselves by choosing to engage with the world with passion and 100% participation.

Who said, “All we possess is our ability to choose how we react to the events of our lives?”  If you believe life is dreary or to be feared, then probably it will be.  If you believe life is an incredible adventure, with challenges as well as exaltations, more than likely it is. I believe that we are happier and can live better when every day is lived in a spirit of adventure.  Your life is all you truly possess.  It is your most precious gift.  Why waste breath choosing to be bored or only half awake? As the Buddha said, “You are what you think, having become what your thought.”

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2 comments on “* Life Is Your Adventure

  1. Leah Allinger
    January 3, 2010

    It really is amazing how life manifests itself exactly as we expect it to.! Appreciate your thoughts and look forward to more insights throughout 2010!


    • dennisonberwick
      January 3, 2010

      Hi, happy new year. Thanks for the comment – and the smile you gave me picturing you swimming hard to avoid being overtaken by the grey-haired man in the pool!!


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